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Hazelnut weevil
25.11.2013 | 7:56 PM
Curculio nucum

Pictures : Curculio nucum Description Adults 7-8 mm long, entirely greyish red and covered with a strong pubescence. Rostrum slender, strongly curved, longer than the body in the female, shorter in male. Larvae is 15 mm long, apodous, thick, curved, creamy white, head is brown. Biology and Damage C.nucum overwinters as a full grown diapausing […]

19.09.2013 | 7:56 PM
Phytoptus avellanae

Pictures:   Phytocoptella avellanae, Cecidyopsis vermiformis  (Big bud mites)   Description They are very small mites . It is really hard to see the mites by bare eyes. White,small, 0.2 mm long, with numerous tergites and sternites. Before foliage or after defoliage, big buds become more visible in hazelnut orchards. Biology and Damage This pest […]

Xyleborus dispar
12.09.2013 | 4:57 PM
Ambrosia beetles

Pictures:    Xyleborus dispar and other species (Ambrosia beetles) There are 5 ambrosia beetle species in Turkish hazelnut orchards, including Xyleborus dispar, Xylosandrus  germanus, Xleborinus saxesenii, Lymantor coryli  and Hypothenemus eriditus. First 3 species looks more common. In some past articles in Turkey, X.dispar and X. germanus ; X.saxesenii and L.coryli were confused each others […]

Parthenolecanium corni
18.07.2013 | 8:33 PM
Parthenolecanium corni

Pictures : Description Globe shaped, 4-6 mm long , 4 mm wide, mahogany- brown , shiny, lacking a median carena, with marked marginal rough patches. Biology and Damage E.corni is polyphagous and also attacks many other fruit trees in addition to hazelnut.Adults emerge in April and migrate to young branches, shoots and yound leaves. The […]

18.07.2013 | 8:24 PM
Cydia latiferrana

Pictures :   Description The adult moth have a wingspread of about 1/2 inch and vary considerably in color. The front wing may be brown , or almost red. The hind wings are almost black. The most distinctive feature of this moth is the presence of two gold metallic bands on the wings. The larvae […]

Palomena prasina
13.07.2013 | 4:57 PM
Palomena prasina

Pictures: Palomena prasina   Description Adult: 12-14 mm long, integument green, smooth and marked with numerous, small dark punctures; margin of pronotum yellowish-red; antennae 5-segmented, the 2nd and 3rd segments of equal length and the 4th and 5th reddish. Eggs: green and laig in clusters. Nymph: green with lateral openings of the stink glands at the […]

Obera linearis
11.07.2013 | 5:17 PM
Obera linearis

Pictures: Obera linearis   Description Adult: 11-16 mm, entirely black, very narrow. Quite thick antennae, not longer than the body. Bulging prothorax, yellow legs and base of the elytra. Larvae is 20 mm and white. Biology and Damage Adults appear in spring. The female lays eggs singly under the bark of the 1 year old […]

Gypsonema dealbana
10.07.2013 | 5:18 PM
Gypsonema dealbana

Pictures: Description Adults are 5-7 mm in long. Colour of moth is brown with white and creamy .Larvae is 7-8 mm in long and cream colour. Biology and Damage G.dealbana overwinters as larvae in the galls of big bud mites or at the bottom of buds inside coccon. The overwintering larvae move to opening buds […]

Hyphantria cunea
09.07.2013 | 8:11 PM
Hyphantria cunea

Pictures : Hyphantria cunea (Fall webworm)   Description Eggs: Yellowish, and are laid as cluster . Larvae: Brownish-grey, attains 40 mm when fully developed, and has 12 small warts surmounted by characteristic tufts of hair. Pupa :Bears 12 characteristic appendages at the posterior end. Adult :Moth with a wingspan of 25-30 mm; forewings are white […]

08.07.2013 | 8:05 PM
Myzocallis coryli

Pictures: Myzocallis coryli (Filbert aphid)   Description Small, soft-bodied, and light to dark green in color. Adults are approximately one-tenth inch long and nymphs are about half the size of adults. Eggs are pale yellow when first laid, and turn to shiny black before hatching in the spring. They are oval in shape and round […]