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Insects and mite pests are major detriments to production of hazelnuts throughout the world. The types of pests and their severity vary from area to area and from year to year. In general, nearly 20% of potential crop is lost to insect and mite pests despite millions of dollars spent on chemical control.

There are hundereds of insects have been found on hazelnut in different place of the world. Some of them are serious pests,which cause substantial damage and need control measurements every year while some of the others are seen only in very low population. For many pests species , it is not easy to estimate the actual loss caused because of their indirect pest status.But nevertheless, it is clear that many pests either direct or indirect, cause damage and crop losses every year and need to be controlled. Therefore pest control costs may amount to a major part of general production costs.

Until now, approximately 250 insect pest species have been found feeding on hazelnut in Europe. Most of these species have been identified in Turkey which is primary hazelnut producer of the world. About one dozen of them can be seen as important pests.Also more than 130 beneficial insect have been recorded in Europe. In the United States, the total number of insects and mites associated with hazelnuts reaches about 150 species ,but only 6 or so are important pests. Approximately one half of all insects collected were beneficial insects.

Use of chemical insecticides is by far the most important tactic applied to control hazelnut pests. The pest for which chemical control is applied vary from country to country. In Europe hazelnut weevil and big bud mites are major pests for chemical control while filbertworm and filbert aphid are sprayed in United States in general.